Challenges of Job Searching

Me and Beiber

Hanging with the B at Rural Library Conference

Job searching is never easy. You can have the education, the experience and a professional resume but sometimes it just isn’t enough. I have been looking for a new Librarian position for almost 2 years (with a break during Summer Reading Club) and even though I’ve landed multiple interviews I can’t seem to land the job. I admit that I do have one major disadvantage when it comes to being hired. I am obese. That means looking professional is very hard to portray. Even if they are “equal opportunity” there is always the fact that if you have 2 equally qualified applicants with similar experience you have to use some factor for making your decision. If you offer insurance, face it, it’s more expensive to insure an obese employee than a normal sized employee. Even if you don’t offer insurance the whole issue of appearance is something to consider if you are hiring someone to work in a public position. Would you want a multi-tattooed, facially pierced, punk haired wild child as the face of your library? Being obese isn’t something I planned on. I didn’t wake up one day a say, “Hey my life needs some spice so why don’t I gain 100 lbs. today!” it just kinda happened over the last 40 years of my life. Unfortunately I can’t just undo it in a week, month or maybe even a year it is a long, slow and painfully process that I have undertaken several times already and I’m working at it again but that doesn’t help me right now. So I continue to apply, pray and hope for the perfect position to become available with an employer who is willing to look past what they see to the person within and the abilities, skills and passion that I bring to the job.


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