“Hotshot”, by Julie Garwood

hotshot At fourteen, Finn MacBain, grew up. No longer was he a wild teen doing nothing but causing mischief, he faced death, even if it wasn’t his own. At six, Peyton Lockhart, almost died. If it wasn’t for the fast action of Finn MacBain she would have drowned in her own swimming pool.

That day Peyton found a hero. Now almost 20 years later she needs a hero again. What looked like a dream job turned into a nightmare of sexual harassment. Peyton leaves the job but not before she gets proof of what was happening in hopes of stopping it from happening again. It’s not that easy though as she is shot at and almost forced off the road. Adding to that mess, Peyton and her sister are trying to turn their Uncle’s resort in Florida around and someone keeps sabotaging their efforts.

There is only one thing for Peyton to do after escaping the bullets that damaged her car. She calls her Hero, now an FBI agent, and Finn proves once again that when danger threatens he can be quite the Hotshot.


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