“Lucky Penny”, by Catherine Anderson

In 1891 Colorado a single woman with a child had to be careful if she wanted to live a respectable life. That is why Brianna O’Keefe invented a husband who was a minor in the gold fields. David Paxton was the husband who went to find their fortune leaving Brianna and infant daughter Daphne alone to make their way in the semi-untamed west. Brianna worked every respectable job she could find to put a roof over their heads and food in her daughters belly but when times got truly desperate she never imagined her ‘husband’ would ride into town.

David Paxton is a rancher and Marshal who had just started thinking about marrying up and settling down when he receives a bag of letters from his ‘wife & daughter’ that he didn’t know he had. David is determine to discover the truth but one look at Daphne and he’s convinced that she is his child and nothing Brianna says can change his mind. To keep a family together David & Brianna are forced to marry but can a relationship based on deceit and mistakes have a chance of surviving?


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